Environmental sustainability for our nectarines

The production of an eco-sustainable fruit passes through big and small business choices.
Agricola Ridolfi implements various agronomic solutions and practices aimed at improving the environment in which we live and respecting future generations.
Here are some of the techniques used in the company:

Crop Protection

IPM Integrated Pest Management
All crops are protected from pests and diseases following the discipline of Integrated Lotta of the Emilia Romagna Region; this also allows the obtaining of the PGI certification.

Puffer® for sexual confusion technique
This biological method comes to the rescue for the management of lepidopteran populations. The installation of puffers, automatic dispensers, allows an effective defense of the crops ensuring a constant protection of the fruits and giving us the opportunity to reduce chemical treatments. This innovative method is completely reusable and recyclable.

Controlled Emission Phytosanitary Products Distribution®
Reducing water waste and Agro-pharmaceutical products consume is a duty of modern agriculture.
To this goal, we installed, on the company sprayer, an innovative intermittent distribution method. This system, through the fast opening and closing of solenoid valves, allows at least 25% of product reduction and of water distributed over the crop.

Weather data
Three modern weather stations located in different company fields allow an effective collection of environmental data and physiological parameters of our plants. These data are used, through specific software, to optimize company resources such as the management of phytosanitary treatments, to decide if and when to distribute crop protection products correctly, to find the right timing, or to manage the frequency of irrigation and its flow.

Water saving and nutrients

Irrigation efficiency
Crop irrigation is done using dripping wings positioned on both sides of the plant. With this method, over 98% of the distributed water is used by plant’s roots, thus avoiding of nutrients-leaching phenomena in the subsoil.

Crop nutritional monitoring and Plant Nutritional
Thanks to the collaboration with AGQ Labs, physical and chemical analysis have been carried out for years now, on samples of soil, circulating solution and leaves.
The company uses the fertigation system, with the addition of a nutritive solution through a dripline, thus always allowing to supply, thanks to the analytical results of AGQ labs, the correct quantity of nutrients and water to the plant according to its real needs. This system enables the company to produce sustainable fruit, without renouncing the final quality of the product. The results are used to bring nutrients in a targeted and specific way on each single plot of the farm providing the crops with the optimal nutrition for fruit development and reducing waste.

Water Saving
Two recovery tanks for rainwater, for a total of over 22000lt, allow a considerable water saving on the use of water. This amount of water is used in our nebulizer during crop protection.

CO2 and Renewable Energies

Two modern electric fruit harvesters allow the reduction of CO2 carbon dioxide emissions during summer harvesting and winter pruning. The solar system installed on the business center allows the recharge of company vehicles, fruit harvesters and electric forklifts.

Solar Water Heaters
A solar heating panel supplies the hot water that the business center needs. In this way we limit the use of external energy sources for heating the water.


Anti-aphid nets
Over 5ha of surfaces are protected against aphids, lepidoptera and stink bugs through an anti-insect nets covering the entire perimeter of the field.

Antihail photoselective nets
Over 10 hectares of photoselective anti-hail nets are installed in Agricola Ridolfi. In addition to protecting fruit from adverse weather conditions, such as hail, their purpose is to increase their sugar content, color and size to achieve the highest quality that plants can offer to us.

Stony Hard Project
The collaboration between AOP ITALIA and the Council for Research and Experimentation in Agriculture, Research Unit for Fruit Growing in Forlì (CRA FRF) has allowed to plant and evaluate in the company new selections of peaches and nectarines with the innovative characteristic of the flesh “Stony Hard” (hard and crispy that allows the lengthening of the fruit’s life on the plant up to a month after physiological maturation).

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