Yellow Nectarine Romagna Giant

Breeder: V. Ossani (Italia)
Ripening Period: +38 BIG TOP, AUGUST 15TH
Plant vigour:  MEDIUM-HIGH
Growth habit: LEDAYS. UPRIGHT
Blooming period:  INTERMEDIATE
Flower Type: ROSACEAE
Productivity: MEDIUM-HIGH
Size AA-A
Flavour:  SWEET
Firmness (kg/0,5 cm2):   5,3
Dry Refractive Index (°Brix):  15
Acidity (ml NaOH N/10): 6,2

Generally symmetric, round-oblate shape with sunken apex, not so marked surface ridge and medium-deep pedicel cavity; yellow skin, over-coloured in intense solid red on 80-100% of its surface.
Yellow skin, non-fibrous texture with high consistency. Sweet taste (medium-high), not relevant acid taste.
Adherent, medium-sized round dark brown stone.
The stone is never cracked

• 2008/2532 UE
Protected Name Nerid 99741
(Patent application)


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