Yellow Nectarine Romagna Lady

Breeder: Neri Daniele (Italy)
Ripening Date: + 50 Big Top, August, 20
Plant Vigour: medium
Growth Habit: Standard
Flowering time: intermediate
Flower type: rosaceae
Productivity: High
Size: AA-AAA
Flavour: Sweet
Firmness (kg/0,5 cm2): 5,10
Dry Refractive Index (ºBrix): 16,00
Acidity (ml NaOH N/10):7,20

Round, generally symmetric, with medium-sunken apex, lightly marked surface ridge and deep narrow pedicel cavity; yellow skin, over-coloured in fading bright red, which is dotted on 70-80% of its surface. Yellow flesh that reddens near the stone, with a non-fibrous medium texture and high consistency. Good sweet taste. Demi-clingstone variety, medium-sized stone.


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