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John Ruskin

Agricola Ridolfi

Agricola Ridolfi was founded in 2006 and specializes in the production of nectarines.
Its orchards located in the center of Romagna, in the small district of Gambellara, in the municipality of Ravenna, enjoy the ideal environment and soil most fitted for their growth.
Through passion and competence that distinguish us we are able to offer you a first-rate product with excellent taste, eco-friendly and cultivated according to cutting-edge agronomic techniques.
Our productions are certified PGI and Global Gap.


Our Fruit

Within our orchards are cultivated the best varieties of nectarines, selected by the local breeder.


Environmental Sustainability

The cultivation of an eco-sustainable fruit goes through big and small business choices.


Crop protection
The new orchards are protected from hail and pests through the installation of the innovative Iridium® anti-hail nets.

Crop nutritional monitoring and Plant Nutritional
Thanks to the collaboration with AGQ Labs, physical and chemical analysis have been carried out for years on samples of soil, circulating solution and leaves. The results are then used to bring nutrients in a targeted and specific way on each single plot of the farm providing the crops with the optimal nutrition for fruit development and reducing waste.

Agro-pharmaceutical distribution
In order to reduce water usage in treatments and utilisation of crop protection products in the company mist blower, an innovative intermittent distribution method is installed. This system allows significant reductions of at least 25% for fungicides, insecticides and water distributed on the vegetation. Application of controlled emission plant protection products® SAFEC (Falchieri company).

A modern rainwater collection system inside a 15000lt underground tank allows to further reduce the volume of extra-company water used for the crop sprayer.
Use of highly efficient irrigation methods make waste of water null and maximize root absorption.


Product grown in linkable areas according to EU production regulations.

Global Gap
Global Gap protocol is a voluntary certification that defines a wide range of good agricultural practices applied in the company regarding workers’ health and safety, environmental protection, waste management, traceability, soil management, nutrients and water resources, integrated crop protection.


Stony Hard Project
The collaboration between AOP ITALIA and the Council for Research and Experimentation in Agriculture, Research Unit for Fruit Growing in Forlì (CRA FRF), has allowed to plant and evaluate in the company new selections of peaches and nectarines with the innovative characteristic of the “Stony Hard” flesh (hard and crispy peach flesh that allows the lengthening of the fruit’s life on the plant up to a month after its physiological maturation).

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