Sunrise Box – PGI Nectarines of Romagna

The “Sunrise Box” is our great little summer love: 5 kg format filled with tasty nectarines with crispy flesh. Just as dawn is the beginning of the day, this box is just a taste of the high quality of our PGI Nectarines of Romagna.



Buying this box of PGI Romagna nectarines is recommended for anyone who wants a little taste of summer on their table. A product particularly dedicated to small families who consume quality, tasty fruit every day, and to couples in love who want to lose themselves in the sweetness of a firm, crisp pulp.


We strive to always offer you our seasonal fruit. Therefore, you may find different varieties of nectarines depending on the seasonality of the product within the ‘Sunrise Box’.


We know that one nectarine leads to another, but we advise against eating the whole box in one day!

You can put on the table, on the fruit bowl, in the picnic basket, in the beach bag – wherever you want in short – the fruits that you will eat in the next two days. Keep the remaining part in the refrigerator and take it out a few hours before consumption. This way you will always have fresh nectarines with which to satisfy your appetite in the days to come. Enjoy your meal!


Our PGI nectarines of Romagna are entirely cultivated and harvested in the heart of Romagna, the cradle of peach production in Europe. In fact, our fruits boast PGI (Protected Geographical Identification) recognition as a guarantee of the territory of origin and the high quality of the product.


Nectarines differ from their better-known ‘cousins’ due to the complete absence of down on their surface. The skin is therefore smooth to the touch, shiny and bright to the eye. Its colours – ruby red with alternating yellow hues – enclose a heart of white or yellow flesh with a very sweet flavour. A real ecstasy for the palate.


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